one of the oldest form of healing work with a body mind and emotion

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in the past the lomi lomi massage was a temple's ritual for those who were responsible to maintain important duties in a society. it was performed as well for those who had to faced up the new phase of life. the lomi lomi massage combined with a holy dance was performed around a stony altar and it took few hours or even few days.


lomi- lomi massage for fast, busy and stressful life..

lomi- lomi is ideal way for busy neglected life.

lomi-lomi massage is for an excess of problems of in life.

for nervous, breakdown, depression.

lomi-lomi , is a great way to ask yourself:

this is my time, iím important for myself.

my inner self is important now.

universe can gratify us for this change

how does it work?
massage is fluent and rhythmical
long strokes are used, particularly with soft part of the forearm, flowing from head to toe thus intergrading the whole body.
the continuous wavelike strokes fully nurture your will sense as if subtle waves moving through your body.
lomi lomi massage has age reducing effect due to its stimulation of the lymphatic and blood system.
lomi Ėlomi massage makes that energy again begin to flow with harmonic rhythm which evokes changes on psychic and spiritual levels.

a man returned to his balance is able to heal himself and induce creative power of acting.

lomi-lomi is a full body massage exluding the intimate body part.
the massage lasts about 1,5- 2 hours; it is performed with the use of oil in rhythm with beautiful, artistic, spiritualized contemporary hawaii music.
massage is great for children, menopause women and elderly people.

the effects of the massage last long after the massage session is over.

i assure comfortable and respectful circumstances of the massage and warm, careful approach to the client, according to the lomi lomi philosophy where the person on the table is holy and its body is the temple of the soul.

tel 0792241804- beatrice services south london

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